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Summer Softball All-Star Program Overview


Provide expanded playing opportunities for continued growth and competition of our Recreational Softball Program into the Summer.  Summer All-Stars will be tournament based play against other Char-Meck member organizations and Executive Board approved “other” organizations. 

Summer All-Stars Objective
Summer All-Stars will provide interested players an opportunity to play in a “more” competitive yet recreational based environment during the Summer timeframe.  Summer All-Stars will provide the opportunity to continue to develop their skills and competitive spirit.   Although skill may be a partial determining factor, we encourage a broad range of players to enable growth of the program and individuals in this expanded environment. 
Summer All-Stars extends the opportunity for players to advance beyond regular season recreational play to the next level within the Char – Meck Softball League. This program would allow those Recreational players looking to take their play to the next level, a “step up” opportunity to advance their skills and play in a tournament based competitive environment.
Although competitive, it is NOT a WIN AT ALL COST objective; we are a recreational organization and need to plan and play accordingly and keep the spirit of good sportsmanship.

Team Composition

  • Summer All-Stars will be open to all Char-Meck Softball Organizations and age groups: 8U, 10U, 13U, and 18U (if applicable).
  • Each team will typically consist of 10-14 players (Local Association can make this determination).
  • Organizations are encouraged to field a team in each age group, with the option of having multiple teams in a specific age group if they have players interested.  Our objective should be to maximize both players and teams.
  • It is recommended that your organization develop a formal selection process to determine player selection.  This can be done through coaches “Consensus Selection” or another local association approved process.
  • Selection of players would be at the discretion of each association but should focus on players with an interest and capability (with or without additional learning) to play in a more competitive environment.
  • Two or more Char-Meck Organizations may combine to make a single Summer All-Star team in one or more age groups only after inviting all players from their regular Spring Recreational Season.
    • A formal request must be made and approved by the “Summer All-Star Advisory Board before the team can form”.  
  • Players who played Recreational Softball in the Fall, but not in the Spring may be added to a Summer All-Star team only after exhausting all of the Spring Rec Season Participants.
  • A formal request must be made and approved by the “Summer All-Star Advisory Board”. 

Season Format
The Summer All-Star program will consist of a 4 day event. All-Stars will open on Thursday evening with a grand introduction of all the teams/coaches/players. This will be followed by competitions consisting of: HomeRun Derby, Road Runner Race, Around the Horn, Coach/Parent Relay Race.  Friday evening will begin pool games which will seed the tournament for the double elimination bracket on Saturday & Sunday. Please keep Saturday and Sunday completely open because there will be numerous amounts of games to get in during those two days.

Player Eligibility

  • Players who played Recreational Softball in the Fall, but not in the Spring may be added to a Summer All-Star team only after exhausting all of the Spring Rec Season Participants.   A formal request must be made and approved by the "Summer All-Star Advisory Board".
  • Player must play on the Summer All-Star Team that corresponds to the age group they competed in during the Spring Season. Players cannot move up or down (even if age eligible) for Summer All-Stars without approval by the "Summer All-Star Advisory Board".

Rules of Play
The Summer All-Star program will follow the “Char–Meck Girls Softball Rules of Play” with the following exception:

  • Home Team/Visitor Team will be determined by a coin flip at the beginning of each pool game.  Home Team/Visitor Team will be determined by seeding for bracket play.  



Each team will enter two girls (or more only if the All Star roster has more than 12 players).  Each player will provide their own pitcher (parent or coach).  The player will get up to 5 swings with a maximum number of 7 pitches from 35 feet.  Each age group will have a specified home run distance. Home runs will be ruled by the designated derby officials. A foul ball, missed ball or pitch taken beyond the two allotted will be counted a 'swing'.  The player with the most HRs is deemed the winner. In the event of a tie, there will be a hit off between the tied players. Each player will receive 3 pitches until there is deemed a winner.


Each All Star team will enter 1 team of 6 players. The first player will start with one foot on home plate and run the bases in the correct order with a softball in her hand when the official indicates “GO”. Once she has rounded all the bases, she will hand the ball to her teammate to begin running. The team mate MUST also start with their foot on home plate and MAY NOT start the run until she has the ball. Players must step on each bag during the run. There will be 2 officials timing the run. The timers will start on “GO” and will stop once the last player crosses or touches the plate. The 2 clock times for the lap will be averaged.  Each team will get to run 2 laps. The better time of the 2 laps will be used. The team with the lowest time will be the winner. In the event of a tie, the teams will run another lap. The team with the best time wins. 


Each team will enter 1 team of four players. The players will line up at Home Plate, First Base, Second Base, and Third Base. The ball will start at Home Plate. The official will indicate “GO” and the ball may be thrown to either 1st base or 3rd base.

  • If thrown to 1st base, once caught the ball will be thrown to 2nd base, then to 3rd base, and finish at Home.
  • If thrown to 3rd base, once caught the ball will be thrown to 2nd base, then to 1st base , and finish at Home

The player at each back must touch the base before throwing the ball to the next base. 

Two time officials will start the clock on “Go”. Time is stopped once the player at home has caught the ball, or, on an overthrow, has retrieved the ball and stepped on Home Plate. The two clock times will be averaged for the official time for the Around the Horn. The team with the quickest time Around the Horn is the winner. In case of ties, the teams that are tied will compete again. 


Four parents that may be parents or coaches of the girls on the team (not brother/sister/cousin/friends) will race in a timed event. Participants MUST BE 2 males and 2 females. No exceptions. Parents will stand on each base before the start of the race. The runner at home plate will start with a softball in hand and once the official says "GO" runner will run to first base and hand the ball off to the next runner at first base and so on till the runner from third steps on home plate. This is a timed event and the fastest time will be deemed the winner. 

Char-Meck will recognize the top 2 teams for each Summer All-Star Tournament.  Please refer to the following notes for details:

  • Tournament trophies or medallions will be given out for each participating team finishing in the top two positions.
  • Winners of competition events will receive pins or medallions. Winners will be announced at the end of the events.


  • To be determined based on the number of tournaments, games played, umpire fees, trophy cost, and facility fees.  These fees will be divided equally (per team) from all participating organizations.
  • Uniforms will be paid for by each organization that chooses to have special uniforms.

Governing Responsibility:
A Summer All-Star Advisory Board will be appointed prior to each Spring season by the Char-Meck Board of Commissioners. This Advisory Board is intended to ensure the rules and spirit of the rules is followed as well as offer guardrails to ensure success.  Although this Advisory Board may have the ability to set forth penalties, it is expected that this will not be necessary.
Each member organization should take an active role to ensure that the written and implied rules are followed and maintained.  If the situation is not specifically covered in a written rule then the question should be directed to the “Summer All-Star Advisory Board”.