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  1. All teams must be ready to play at least 1/2hr before game time. There is no grace period and failure to be ready may result in a forfeit. Please remind your parents that your game schedule is determined by your wins or losses and ask them to be flexible.
  2. All regular season rules apply except no borrowing players.
  3. Pitching inning rules are as follows:
    • 8U—Maximum of 2 innings per pitcher in consecutive games.
    • 10U—Maximum of 5 innings per pitcher in consecutive games.
    • 12U—Maximum of 7 innings per pitcher in consecutive games.
  4. Slaughter rules will be the same as the regular season.
  5. Coaches should meet with the umpires prior to the game for the coin flip to determine home team for pool games. Please occupy whichever dugout is not occupied already. In Bracket Games, the higher seed will be the home team.  In the Championship Game, the winners bracket winner will be the home team.  A coin flip will determine the home team for the "If" game.
  6. If you arrive at a game and game balls are not available, contact the tournament director and/or check with the concession stand as many commissioners will leave game balls there.  Char-Meck will provide one new game ball for each game.The home team provides a good second ball. In the event you can’t find a new game ball, please use two good used balls from your equipment bags. All game-used balls provided by Char-Meck are to be returned to the concession stand/tournament director after the game.
  7. Please pick up trash out of dugouts after each game.
  8. Regular season time limits will apply for all games (including Championship and IF games); 8U & 10U will play 1 ¼ hour, and 13U & 16U will play 1 ½ hours. 
  9. If you have any questions about rules, rain out games or protests, please give the tournament director listed on the brackets a call or see him/her at the field. He/she will be available by cell phone to settle any disputes if not at the fields. Alert your parents that rain may alter our scheduling quickly and dramatically.
  10. The winning team MUST email/text their score into their tournament director immediately after the game is played so we can update the bracket immediately. Be sure to include both team names along with the date, time, field and score to avoid mistakes. 
  11. Tournament trophies or medallions will be given out for each participating team finishing in the top two positions. Please wait on the foul line of your respective dugout for the on field presentation by the tournament director. Char-Meck will provide 12 individual trophies for each team.
  12. MVP pins should be awarded after every game. Each coach/team needs to determine which girl on the opposing team should receive this award. It should be given out by the coach after the handshakes, when all the girls are out on the teams. A girl can be awarded multiple pins during the duration of the tournament.
Enjoy your tournament!
Char-Meck All-Star Tournament Directors