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Char-Meck Girls Softball will hold Opening Ceremonies for its Summer All Star Tournament on Thursday, June 16th at Myers Park.

The Ceremonies will start at 6:30 with the Parade of Teams, which will take place at the main softball field (KC Field). Teams are asked to begin assembling at 6:00 in the soccer fields behind the KC Field.

NOTE FOR PARENTS: MPTLL was contacted by the CMPD about parked cars blocking access to the county gas pumps. (circle drive behind upper field on back side of park)  Guests should only park in marked spaces. There are TWO LARGE OVERFLOW PARKING LOTS next to our main parking lot (2nd left after main lot) that can be used when the main lot is full. Do not parallel park on the curbs in the circle area near the gas pumps. CMPD will ticket and/or tow cars if they are unable access those pumps. Do not block other cars when parking.

Also, Myers Park concession stand, managed by Tavern on the Tracks, will be open with healthy and good tasting meal options!


Following the Parade of Teams, each age group will go to a different field for a series of skills competitions. The age groups will be on the following fields:

8U - KC Field

10U - East Field (adjacent to the KC Field)

12U - Lower Randolph (this field is off Randolph Road next to Billingsville Elementary School)

The competitions are designed to give every girl the chance to compete in at least one contest. Assuming the teams have a maximum of 12 girls on the roster, there are 12 slots per team to enter in the contests. If a team has more than 12 players, they are to enter more than 2 girls in the Home Run Derby
There will be three competitions at each field:
- Around the Horn – each team will enter one team of four players. The players will line up at Home Plate, First Base, Second Base and Third Base. The ball will start at Home Plate. A timer will indicate “GO” and the ball will be thrown to first base, once caught, the ball will be thrown to second base, then to third base, then to Home (if teams choose they can go in reverse order home-third-second-first-home). Time is stopped once the player at home has caught the ball, or, on an overthrow, has retrieved the ball and stepped on Home Plate. Each team will get two attempts. The team with the quickest time Around the Horn is the winner.  In the case of ties, the teams that are tied will compete again until a winner is decided.
- Road Runner Race – Each team will enter one team of six players.  In the case where a team does not have six players, the team can have girls run twice.  Two teams will run at once.  One team will start at home and the other will start at second. When the official indicates “GO” the first player for each team will begin running around the bases in the correct order with a softball in her hand. Once she has rounded all of the bases, she will hand the ball to her teammate to begin running.  The team to complete all six runners first wins. In the case of a tie (or where it is too close to call), the teams will run again. In the case where there are an uneven number of teams, time should be kept for each team running and the team with the worst time will be eliminated.
- Home Run Derby – Each team will enter two girls (or more only if the All Star roster has more than 12 players).  Each player will provide their own pitcher (parent or coach).  The player will get up to 5 swings with a maximum number of 7 pitches from 35 feet.  Each age group will have a specified home run distance. Home runs will be ruled by the designated derby officials. A foul ball, missed ball or pitch taken beyond the two allotted will be counted a ‘swing’.  The player with the most HRs is deemed the winner. In the event of a tie, there will be a hit off between the tied players. Each player will receive 3 pitches until there is deemed a winner.
There will be awards for players/teams coming in first, second and third place.