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Char-Meck Challenge Softball FAQ**(please note the challenge program is to provide higher level competition for the better players in the league. Program rules and guidelines may change tournament to tournament or season to season as needed to maintain the "challenge" for players.)

Who can play?
8U & 10U - All 2021 Spring season registered players.

13U - All 2021 Spring season registered players.

How will the teams be formed?
Tryouts will be held by each individual team, and rosters will be determined based on each league’s individual procedures. Teams will be registered with Char-Meck, and must provide a roster and copy of each player’s birth certificate

When and where will the tournaments be played?
Tournaments will be one day Sunday tournaments, to be hosted at Char-Meck association fields. The tournament dates for the Spring 2019 season are as follows:


o April 18, 2021 - Location - TBD

o May 23, 2021 - Location - TBD


Do teams have to play in both tournaments?
Except in the case of unforeseen circumstances, Challenge teams will be expected to play in both tournaments.

How much will it cost?
There is a cost per team to participate in Challenge softball.  Additionally, your association may choose to purchase separate Challenge uniforms.  Please contact the commissioner of your association for exact cost.

What teams will be playing?
Each individual Char-Meck league has been invited and encouraged to field a team at all possible levels, so competition will be against teams such as Porter Ridge, MARA, South Charlotte, Steele Creek, etc., just like in rec season. For those leagues that are not large enough to support a Challenge team at any particular level, or for players who did not make the roster of their home team, Char-Meck will organize “Metro” teams. These teams will be a mix of interested players from a variety of associations, and will be a great way to maximize participation. Further Metro team information will be released in a few weeks.

What are Metro teams?
Char-Meck will organize and oversee the creation of a number of Metro teams, which will be made up of players from two or more leagues. These teams will be formed, based on need, for players whose leagues cannot support a full team at a particular age level, or who do not make the roster of their league’s team at their age level. Interested players should first contact their league about playing on their home team. Metro team tryouts will be held in early March, once league teams have been formed and registered. Coaches who are interested in coaching a Metro team should express their interest, by February 15th, to

When will the teams practice?
Team practices will be at the discretion of the coaches, though non-rec days, such as Fridays and Sundays, should be expected. Challenge practice will never interfere with the rec team practice or game schedule.

Are the rules different?
Most rules will remain the same, such as restrictions on innings pitched. While rule revisions for tournament play are still under review, there will be two notable changes from rec:
8U – there will be no all coach-pitch innings. While coaches will still come in to pitch if a batter draws four balls, kids will pitch in all innings. 8U will follow 10U inning restriction rules for pitchers.
There will be no overthrow rule at any level. Defensive players will be required to stop runners from advancing by playing the ball and stopping the lead runner (8U). 10U and above stoppage of play will follow the High School rules. 

10U (MODIFIED FALL 2019) - Runners on 3rd base are allowed to steal home. Runners will continue to be limited to steal one base per pitched ball. E.g. Runner on 1st and 3rd. Runner on 3rd may steal home if the catcher decides to throw the to 2nd base in an attempt to put out the running attempting to steal 2nd base from 1st base. If the catcher overthrows 2nd in the attempted put out, the runner must remain on 2nd. 

(MODIFIED SPRING 2021) - 10U Challenge Pitch inning limited to 7 innings over 2 games rolling. 


Do the pitch innings reset between pool and bracket/elimination games?
Pitch limits are set to ensure player safety by preventing overpitching AND development of additional pitchers. As a result, pitch inning limits do NOT reset between pool and bracket/elimination games. Pitch inning limits continue to roll from the first game to the last game of the day. 

Can my daughter play Challenge at a different age level from rec?
Players are eligible for Challenge only at the level for which they are registered in rec. For example, a 10U rec player may not play 8U Challenge, even if she is age-eligible.