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CharMeck Softball is proud to announce that it will now offer a higher level for the advanced players in our league.
Here is a look into our new program that we launched Spring 2017**(please note the challenge program is a work in progress and may change from day to day at this point. Until we remove this note from this page, some criteria is subject to change)

• The mission of Char-Meck Challenge Softball is to introduce competitive play to its rec players as an enhancement to rec play without the commitment and expense of a full-time travel program. To foster the program’s success, the committee and the association must primarily focus on promotion and participation, and providing a fun and exciting experience for all interested players.

• Rule adjustments will include:

o No coach pitch innings in 8U (coach pitch after walk only)

o No overthrow rules

Players who do not qualify for the league team at their age level, or whose league is unable to 

field a team at their age level, may enter into the Metro Team pool
Metro team information

o All players who are interested in Challenge play but unable to play with their league will 
be eligible for Metro Team play

o Metro Team coaches must declare their interest in coaching to the Committee ASAP

o Coaches will be selected based on need and qualifications, and may include a selective 
interview and reference-check process

o Teams will be assembled by the organizational committee via an assessment held in 
conjunction with Metro Team coaches

o Metro Team assessments to be held in TBD

o Further rules to regulate Metro Team selection and management will be announced in 


This a fun and exciting program, and we hope you will actively join us in making it a

great experience for everyone.  Your feedback and suggestions are welcome.

Please let us know if you
need clarification on any of the main points.

We’re looking forward to a great Spring 2019 Challenge Sunday season!

If you have any questions, please contact your associations commissioner or email the Challenge Ball committee.

Challenge Committee
Char-Meck EB